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Torrent Details For "Rumble In The Bronx - Terremoto Nel Bronx (1995) [BDMux 1080p - H264 - Ita Aac] "

Rumble In The Bronx - Terremoto Nel Bronx (1995) [BDMux 1080p - H264 - Ita Aac]

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Name:Rumble In The Bronx - Terremoto Nel Bronx (1995) [BDMux 1080p - H264 - Ita Aac]

Rumble In The Bronx - Terremoto Nel Bronx (1995) [BDMux 1080p - H264 - Ita Aac]

Rumble in the Bronx - Terremoto nel Bronx

THX Original Uploaders

Italian Mux & Translation By JackieALF

*Ita Rip Audio from my original "Rumble In The Bronx - Terremoto Nel Bronx DVD9


Original Title:Rumble In The Bronx
Cuntry: Usa/Hong Kong
Genre:Action, Martial Arts
Director:  Stanley Tong
Screenplay:Edward Tang, Fibe Ma


 Jackie Chan -> Keung
 Anita Mui -> Elaine
 Françoise Yip -> Nancy
 Bill Tung -> Uncle Bill
 Marc Akerstream -> Tony
 Garvin Cross -> Angelo
 Morgan Lam - > Danny
 Ailen Sit -> Tony's Gang Member
 Man-Ching Chan è anche un membro appartenente al  Jackie Chan Stunt Team -> Tony's Gang Member
Fred Andrucci -> Tony's Gang Member
 Mark Antoniuk -> Tony's Gang Member
 Lauro Chartrand -> Tony's Gang Member
 Chris Franco -> Tony's Gang Member
 Lance Gibson -> Tony's Gang Member
 David Hooper -> Tony's Gang Member
 Kathy Hubble -> Tony's Gang Member
 Terrance Leigh -> Tony's Gang Member
 Dean McKenzie -> Tony's Gang Member
 Kimani Ray Smith -> Tony's Gang Member
 Lisa Stevens -> Tony's Gang Member
Kris Lord -> White Tiger
 Richard Faraci -> White Tiger's Gang Member
 Mark Fielding -> White Tiger's Gang Member
Terry Howsen -> White Tiger's Gang Member
Jordan Lennox -> White Tiger's Gang Member
Gabriel Ostevic -> White Tiger's Gang Member
 John Sampson -> White Tiger's Gang Member
 Owen Walstrom -> White Tiger's Gang Member
 Carrie Cain-Sparks -> Whitney
 Guyle Fraizer -> Police Officer
 David Fredericks -> Police Officer
 Harold Gillespie -> Police Officer
 Alf Humphreys -> Police Officer
 Elly Leung -> Walter, the Realtor
Rainbow Ching -> Tina Chang, Saleslady at Market
 Jamie Luk -> Steven Lau (Friend with Limo)
Richard O'Sullivan -> Ben
Alecia Paget -> Lisa, the Cashier
John McGrath -> Hovercraft Operator
Adrian Parkinson -> Hovercraft Operator
Rick Burgess -> Harley Gang Leader
 Eddy Ko -> Prospective Market Buyer
 Annabelle Louie -> Prospective Market Buyer
 Emil Chau -> Ice Cream Salesman
 Alex To -> Ice Cream Customer
Glen Chin -> Man (uncredited)
Victor Formosa -> Barbeque Cook (uncredited)
James McKenzie -> Police Officer (uncredited)
Lee Sollenberger -> Man in shop (uncredited)
Hua Yueh (uncredited)


Ma Hon Keung (Jackie Chan), a Hong Kong cop comes to New York to attend the wedding of his Uncle Bill (Bill Tung) who introduces his new wife Whitney to him down at his supermarket, which he owns and has sold to Elaine (Anita Mui). Uncle Bill's friend, Steven Lo (Jamie Luk), loans him a vintage automobile for the wedding. Later that night, a street gang starts a motorcycle race near Uncle Bill's apartment. They are about to run over his friend's car until Keung jumps down and stops them. He soon starts a rivalry with the street gang when he drives them away from the supermarket that they were robbing and vandalizing. This starts a series of brawls in which the bikies try to corner Keung and finish him off. When a member of the street gang named Angelo (Garvin Cross) gets involved in an illegal diamond deal gone bad and steals the diamonds, the small-time gangsters become the victims of a much larger and more effective criminal syndicate led by White Tiger (Kris Lord). While running away with the diamonds, Angelo leaves them in a cushion, which is unknowingly used by Keung for the wheelchair of a disabled Chinese American boy named Danny (Morgan Lam), who is raised by his elder sister Nancy (Françoise Yip), a lingerie model/dancer who works in a seedy bar and is an associate/girlfriend of the bikies. Keung befriends Nancy and advises her to stay away from crime. When the gangsters see this, they chase Keung and Nancy. After failing to confront Keung, the bikies turn up at Elaine's supermarket and start vandalizing it, during which two of Angelo's men are captured by White Tiger's men, who turn up at the supermarket in search of Angelo. Angelo's colleagues are unaware of his diamond heist and one is executed in a tree-shredder; his remains are given back to the other gangster to show to his friends as a warning to return the multi-million dollar goods. In the meantime, Keung and Nancy go to bikies' shed after the latest supermarket attack, and Keung defeats them in another brawl, at which point the shredded remains are brought back.

Keung agrees to help the bikies' leader, Tony (Marc Akerstream). Keung convinces the street gangsters to reform, then brings the big-time criminals to justice after another long-winded street battle. The syndicate and Keung work out the diamonds are in the boy's wheelchair, and the handover is botched after Nancy and Tony are held hostage by the syndicate; the diamonds are lost after the syndicate uses towtrucks to pull the supermarket apart and the diamonds are spilled as Keung is in the building and knocked over. A long battle occurs in the Hudson River after White Tiger's men hijack a hovercraft and are pursued by Keung and the New York Police Department. The hovercraft finally ends up running through the streets, causing much damage to property. Keung ends the chase by stealing a large sword from a museum and clamping it onto a sports car window and driving into the hovercraft, shredding the rubber skirt and immobilising the vehicle and capturing the syndicate men. After shooting one of them non-fatally to force them to reveal White Tiger's location, Keung drives the hovercraft, with the skirt crudely repaired with duct tape, across town to a golf course where White Tiger is playing with subordinates. He runs them over and squashes them non-fatally into the ground. The film ends with White Tiger being squashed, his clothes ripped off his back, leaving him naked.

General Info

Name:Rumble In The Bronx - Terremoto Nel Bronx (1995) [Mux 1080p - H264 - Aac].mkv
Video Codec:H.264
File Size:17,493,177,389 bytes (16682.793988 MiB)
Duration:02:39:29 (9569.041521 s)
Bit rate:14464.609132 kbps
Width:1920 pixels
Height:1080 pixels
Fps:24 Fps
Display aspect ratio:16:9
Audio language:Italian
Bit rate:16-bit
Sampling rate:48000 Hz


Category:Movies > 1080P Bluray
Lang:Italian  Italian
Total Size:16.29 GB
Info Hash:0503bfafc87e34e82e0034c4f91f963cedfe9e67
Added By:JackieALF333
Date Added:15-12-2017 16:03:00

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